Humility From on High

By Joel Schroedel

March 2016

I worked at Boeing Video for 14 years, 1987-2001. As a member of the video department I was involved in a number of first flights, but the one I remember the most is the 777.

Alan Mulally was the lead executive for the 777 design, build and launch. I remember he came out on stage one time with a stack of papers about 4 feet high and he stated how bad Boeing was at redundancy. Therefore, because of that, Boeing started the "5S" (a workplace organization method). I met Alan the day of the 777 first flight and I thanked him for leading us to this point, and he said, No, thank you, for what you did. I respect him for that to this day.

I had a great time working for Boeing, but due to 9/11, I was among the first of 50,000 out the door and into early retirement. I still follow Boeing in the news and will continue to do so. It's going to be 100 years old and I feel proud for what little part I played in it.