Junior Jet Club

By Alan Wrigley

March 2016

I took my first-ever flight during October 1961 on a Boeing 707 from Manchester to Prestwick, then onward to New York. We then swapped to an American airline (I can't remember which one) for the final leg to Detroit. I think this plane had some kind of boosted takeoff.

I remember the trip like it was yesterday, including my mother talking to the captain when he walked through the cabin mid-Atlantic to chat to the passengers. She looked down and asked him if it was ice that she could see.

He had a really disturbed look on his face until he realized that she was talking about what she could see in the ocean and not on the wings.

I still have my BOAC Junior Jet Club logbook, complete with trip details and captain's signature. I went on to become an airline captain myself and retired recently. I now teach on a Boeing 737-800 simulator. That kind of closes the circle.