We Were Rolling

By Richard Campbell

March 2016

My first jet ride was on a Boeing 737-300 from Nassau, New Providence, in the Bahamas to Miami International, flown by our national airline. I enjoyed my trip even though it was short -- it was smooth and clean, inside and out. The longest trip I ever had on a 737 was from Orlando to West Virginia and, man, we were rolling.

I love flying on the 737 and all Boeing-built aircraft, new and old. If there is one thing I know, it's that Boeing knows how to build good, strong aircraft. And it shows in the way they fly. I have a few more Boeing planes to catch -- 787-8/9/10; 777-300ER; 777-8/9 and the 767; and, last but not least, 747-8.

You can just tell when you're on a Boeing-built plane. It's just different. So whenever I travel, I always ask what type of plane I will be traveling on.