In the Company of Family

By Monica Bacon

May 2016

This picture was taken in 1992 during Family Day at the Long Beach, Calif., C-17 plant. My brother and I jokingly like to call this our first day at the "family" company. Our father started his career with Boeing on the C-17 program four years earlier and was determined that we would also have a love for aviation and follow in his footsteps. Well, I'm pleased to report that both my brother and I work for Boeing on military programs and even carpool to work with our dad!

Because of this company we have had a roof over heads, food in our bellies, braces to straighten our teeth, college diplomas and so much more. We are proud to work hard for a company that has worked hard for us. We even married into other Boeing families! Now it's our turn to share our excitement and love for aviation with our children so they can be good stewards for the family business (we hope!) for years to come.

From left: Christopher Allen, Monica Bacon and Tim Allen pose with a C-17 at Family Day in Long Beach, Calif., in 1992.

Barbara Allen