No Passion Was Lost in Translation

By Charlotte Hu

May 2016

I want to start the story in my mother tongue, which goes,"???????????????" It means that all of my life started in a dream, and ended in the sky that I've ever dreamed. Born in a small town in China, I used to live a life that adults planned for me. I thought that I would become a nurse or someone else, as my parents thought.

Coincidentally, I met the 787 Dreamliner at the age of 9. I stared at the poster and thought it was amazing to make an aircraft a work of art. For the very first time, I wondered whether there was a possibility to make a little difference in my life. Suddenly, it opened the gate of aviation for me -- then I became an aviation enthusiast. I got attached, and made it a belief to support me through the dilemma. More and more people thought I was weird and asked me to stop. Luckily, I suffered through these things and in the National College Entrance Tests I did well and got in a university to study aeronautical engineering.

I do appreciate that I once met Boeing in my childhood. And you never know how many kids like me were inspired by Boeing to find their goals of their life by themselves. Thank you a lot! And Happy 100th Birthday!