Now Arriving at Gate 777

By Aditya Kulkarni

May 2016

Boeing is a very remarkable name for all the aero-enthusiasts around the globe. I have been always fascinated by the marvelous machines Boeing makes, and my secret love blossomed when I watched the incredible documentary about the Boeing 747 -- the ultimate Queen of the Skies.

I always dream about visiting the manufacturing facility in the USA. Above all, it's a dream to get associated with this super brand and work with state-of-the-art technology and terrific people.

I still remember when my kid sister blocked my phone calls when she asked me which flight I am taking and instead of feeding this information, I yelled at her with the complete generic name of bird (Boeing 777) with other minor technical details, which clearly set off her mood.

Technology, sustainability, comfort means Boeing. ... Cheers and happy flying!!!