Plane and Simple as a Trip to the Grocery Store

By Benedictus Widodo

May 2016

The first time I remembered being aboard any aircraft was when I took a flight from my town to the capital of Indonesia with a Boeing 737-300, seven years ago. I remembered the first time I boarded an aircraft I felt like it's absurd to trust a metal tube to keep you safely dashing through the sky at such a high speed and at an altitude unsustainable to human life, yet you can arrive like you're making your trip to grocery store.

That's the moment when I realized that you, Boeing, did a great job designing a plane so it can serve travelers safely, flying thousands of miles a day and shrinking this world till there are no distances greater than 24 hours of flight. Since then I always try to take any flights with Boeing aircraft whenever possible, 'cause I know Boeing has a good history of safety and I can trust my life to go to the distant world without ever being worried.