Faster Than a Speeding Banana Slug

By Eduardo Frugone

November 2016

Radio contact between aircraft and radar in Santiago, Chile (Translated from Spanish):

Santiago Radar, this is KWZ.
KWZ, this is Santiago radar. What's your call?

Santiago, this is KWZ, 4,500' VFR from SCLC heading 350,º requests Transponder setting.
KWZ, this is Santiago, set 2018.

KWZ, this is Santiago, indicate type aircraft.
Santiago, this is KWZ. This is a BOEING AIRCRAFT.

KWZ, this is Santiago. You said BOEING? You're tracking only 85 miles an hour.
Santiago,this is KWZ. A genuine BOEING and that's my speed, sir.

KWZ, this is Santiago. What type Boeing is that?
Santiago this is KWZ. We are a BOEING PT-17 biplane.
KWZ, you said BOEING biplane? No wonder the radar image hardly moves here ..... Have a good day, sir, and enjoy your flight ...

Just before flight on our PT-17 over Santiago, Chile. Introduced in 1934 by the Stearman Aircraft Division of Boeing, the Kaydet was used to train U.S. military pilots in World War II.

Retired U.S. Navy Commander Vince Saporito