It All Started in a Phone Booth

By Laurie Dart

November 2016

I remember when I was very young my dad bringing me home an aviation magazine he'd found in a telephone booth. I fell in love with the sleek flying machines inside that magazine.

I sent a letter to the Boeing office at Amberley when I was in school to ask for advice on what I should study so that one day I could get a job working for Boeing -- the biggest aerospace company in Australia -- and I got a response!

I studied engineering at university and my choice of major was made with no thought at all -- of course I wanted to major in aerospace. To me it was synonymous with the pinnacle of technology. It was precision and innovation. It was cutting edge.

When I graduated I applied to work for Boeing, and I remember taking the letter I got back from Amberley to my interview for good luck. It must have worked, because after all those years of working towards it, I was given the opportunity to take up my dream job in 2012!

I moved halfway across the country to start work as a structures engineer at Boeing, and I've loved every minute of it. I feel proud of what I do every day, and I feel it's my obligation to continue to forge new paths in aerospace so that the next generation have even greater opportunities.