Second Wind

By Mark Beringer

November 2016

After 38 years in the printing industry, getting laid off was a huge blow at age 55. Luckily, I found a five-month program at Paine Field that would train me as an assembly mechanic and get me an interview at Boeing. I just celebrated my five-year anniversary at Boeing!

The Boeing Company has played an important role in my family's history. My father was an electrical engineer, my uncle was an A&P mechanic and my brother-in-law worked as a draftsman. Shoot, even my grandma was a Rosie the Riveter! Interestingly enough, my older brothers left printing to pursue careers at Boeing.

In addition to my family's connection, I also have two neighbors currently working at Boeing. They are just as proud to be a part of Boeing as my family was. With this large contingent in my life, I have always felt The Boeing Company was part of my family.

I have always loved aviation from building models to hanging out at Sea-Tac to learning how to fly to my collection of aviation-related decor! Building a Boeing jet is my inner child's dream come true, and that is at the young age of 61!!