Call Waiting

By Bhavani Shankar Pani

October 2016

I am a metallurgist, graduated in 1970. My dream was to be an aeronautical engineer. Even while studying for my metallurgy degree, I passionately followed the aviation industry and read through all flight magazines. The day before my graduation I saw an advertisement in a magazine from The Boeing Company inviting applications for employment. My first job application thus was to Boeing in July 1970. Got a polite letter stating, Thank you, and when we have an opening, I would be contacted. Still waiting for a call!

I did my masters in aluminium metallurgy and, working with an Indian aluminium major, worked with India's light helicopter and combat aircraft projects. But my dream remained Boeing.

I retired in 2007. In 2009, when my son moved from Indianapolis to Seattle and I was visiting him, on Fathers Day, my son drove me to Everett and showed me the Boeing plant. A dream come true. Amazing experience. I still remember the parting words of the charming young lady guiding us on the tour: "If it isn't Boeing, I'm not going!"

Now I am a frequent and satisfied user of Boeing products. Writing this mail today from Kirkland, Wash., and came here from Seoul in a Boeing 777.