Distance Learning

By Ronnie Otieno

October 2016

I have never been in a Boeing plane, but because of the Internet I feel like I know much about Boeing. Boeing history is one of so many I have mastered. Being a student of another country, I spend so much time -- I always like researching on major companies, not just because of my education in college, it's just because of my general knowledge and curiosity.

I think the first thing I can do when the appropriate time comes is to experience the mighty 747 or the new 787. I have been planespotting for long, and the best views were from 747s. In Kenya people recognize 747 because of Air Force One. Lastly, watching the demo flights by Boeing pilots is something amazing. Recently I watched the 737 MAX and 787 on YouTube. Watching planes is my hobby and part-time job. Understanding how all plane parts come together is not easy, and how engines are able to attach to wings, either.