Kiwi Karma

By Jon Murchison

October 2016

I remember my first flight on a plane as a child. I was about 7 or 8 and it was in a National Airways Corporation (N.A.C) Boeing 737-200 flying between Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand. This was when N.A.C and Air New Zealand operated as independent airlines in New Zealand, with N.A.C flying domestic routes.

Back in those days air bridges were unheard of, so it was a quick walk from the terminal to the air stairs, the type that fold into the aircraft, and up through the door. I remember seeing the cockpit door open and peeking inside. The pilot saw me and told me to come in. I was amazed as only a kid can be as the pilot showed me various switches and told me what they did. It was an awesome experience that started my love affair with the 737.