Family Values

By Linda Holtorf

September 2016

Dad, Mom and I moved from Cincinnati in the early '60s to the Seattle area. Dad had fallen in love with the area during the Korean War while stationed at Fort Lewis. My mom's brother, Arthur Kamm, was already working for Boeing at the time, and I believe the story was that he convinced my dad to come out West and work for Boeing.

I have several fond memories of Boeing from when my father, Homer Dwight Parsons (he went by Dwight), worked for Boeing during the '60s and '70s. Some are not so pleasant, such as the downturn in the '70s. I remember Dad making a comment that he could not be late, as that might make an impact on his performance review.

However, most of the memories are great from the perspective of a child. Dad worked for Computer Services, and in a time when technology was changing, he once brought home a device that he could dial in from home and connect the phone to it. It was magic how he could do computer tasks from home! I think that was what got me interested in technology.

Also, I remember the great holiday party that Boeing hosted at Key Arena. Getting a plastic candy cane filled with chocolate and watching the entertainment -- circus, I believe. There was also the Boeing Days at the Seattle Rainiers baseball games.

Boeing seemed to care about their employees and their families and treating them well. I also remember that when Dad passed away from cancer, someone from the company came out to the house to help mom with paperwork.

I know the company is so much bigger and international now, but I hope that at the heart of the company they still value their employees and families the same way I remember.

Congratulations on 100 years!