It Never Gets Old

By Bryan Cope

September 2016

I was hired in 1986 after my three-year tour in the United States Navy. I will have 30 years this month. I started working in the mock-up shop in Renton, Wash., the 10-65 building, where The Landing shopping center is today.

After a couple years there, and after I got my Airframe and Powerplant tickets, I was selected to go into an elite organization within the company called AOG, which means Aircraft On Ground. It is a traveling repair crew. I did this for 18 years. We would go all over the world to repair customers' airplanes, from skin changes to service bulletin to complete overhaul. It was the best of the best in the company.

Today I am in another great organization. I am a team leader of a great bunch of individuals at Renton Preflight. This is where we test all the systems of the airplane before it takes its first flight. It is just fascinating to watch when these airplanes take their first flight. It never gets old, and that is the satisfaction of my job.