Parachute Not Required

By Carlos Onofre

September 2016

It was about 1996 -- wow, 20 years ago. I was so nervous. I was a child when I was on an airplane for the first time -- Mexicana de Aviacion, from Mexico City to Huatulco. I always said that I would use a parachute before getting on a plane. Then, without a parachute, I had my first experience. So nervous but... it was also wonderful.

After that flight, I became an enthusiast. I started building scale models, drawings. Then I wanted to fly more and more. There were no holidays without flying -- then it became my passion. I started working in airlines, airports, airplanes and with passengers. It was wonderful, all of this because my first experience, flying on a Boeing 727-200. It's now my favorite model.

I flew on a lot of 727s, but also 737s. In fact, I learned that planes have a reverse thrust when I was a child flying on a 737-200 (Magnicharters). I also fell in love with 757-200 with Mexicana and American. Then a 767, Mexicana from Mexico City to Buenos Aires. So special -- it was my first flight alone, and abroad! And the 777 with Emirates, with that lovely engine sound!

Congratulations, Boeing, because you made me an aviation enthusiast, worker, and world traveler!

Mexicana de Aviacion 727 on their 80th anniversary.

Carlos Onofre