CFM LEAP-1B Engine Certified

CFM LEAP-1B Engine Certified

On May 4, 2016, the CFM LEAP-1B engine for the 737 MAX was simultaneously awarded Type Certificates by both the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), paving the way for entry into commercial service in 2017.

The most efficient winglet on any airplane

The new 737 MAX AT winglet is the most efficient ever designed for a production airplane. This is the story of the ingenious manipulation of aerodynamics that makes this distinctive design so efficient.

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First 737 MAX Wing Assembly

Assembly of the first 737 MAX in our Renton, Wash., facility kicks off with wing assembly for the first 737 MAX flight test airplane.

Wing skin panels and stringers were loaded into the new panel assembly line and initial parts of the first 737 MAX spars – internal support structures in wings – were loaded into automated spar assembly machines. When finished, the panels and spars will be transformed into completed wings.

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    Constantly Connected

    This aerodynamically streamlined casing is for the Ku-Band antenna that can be chosen for factory installation during airplane assembly.

    We increasingly live in a constantly connected world where people and business have come to expect and depend on easy access to high-bandwidth anywhere. More and more this expectation includes the in-flight airplane environment. We all want to stay in touch with friends, family, business associates, entertainment, and commerce while in flight.

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      Power on: The new Flight-Deck Displays

      New large flight-deck displays inside the first 737 MAX have now come to life – glowing panels indicating that power is now flowing through the first airplane on the production line.

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        Boeing Begins Final Assembly of First 737 MAX

        We have started final assembly of the first 737 MAX 8, the first member of our new, more efficient single-aisle family.

        Mechanics recently attached the wings to the body of the first 737 MAX flight test airplane. The wings feature new Advanced Technology winglets which will give customers up to 1.8 percent additional fuel-efficiency improvement over today's inline winglet designs.

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          The "e-cab" – A Test Flight Deck

          Flight testing the CFM LEAP-1B Engine

          CFM International initiated flight testing of the LEAP-1B engine, which behaved well and completed multiple aeromechanical test points at various altitudes during the five-hour, 30-minute first flight. Once the LEAP-1B engine mounted on CFM's modified 747 flying test bed cleared the initial flight envelop, the test team started the performance testing campaign.

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            Ground testing the CFM LEAP-1B Engine

            CFM International initiated ground testing of the first all-new LEAP-1B engine that will exclusively power the Boeing 737 MAX, three days ahead of schedule. The LEAP-1B engine, installed in a test cell at Snecma (Safran) facilities in Villaroche, France, successfully completed a series of break-in runs before reaching full take-off thrust.

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