In this column in Aero No. 1, we talked about our new magazine and its role in supporting the integration now under way to create a single, world-class product support network as a result of the Boeing-McDonnell Douglas merger. This time, the subject is new leadership for Boeing Customer Services.

I'm pleased to introduce myself as our new senior executive. While I am new to this assignment as of late January, I have prepared for it over the last 30 years.

Since I joined what is now known as Boeing North American in the 1960s as a design engineer, I have worked in many engineering, manufacturing, and customer support assignments there, at Douglas in Long Beach, California, and since 1990, at Boeing in Seattle.

My background, and my belief in the importance of extreme focus on our customers' needs, make me ideally suited for my new job. I look forward to renewing acquaintances with our customers around the world and to forging new friendships. The company's production struggle over the last several months has been difficult for the many people touched by our activities, in particular our customer airlines. We are working very hard to stabilize our production and we are recovering. We also realize that when deliveries are delayed, the value of our post-delivery support and the requirement for service readiness become even more critical to our customers' success. It is here where I hope Boeing customer support will excel in 1998.

Another of my core beliefs is that the requirement placed on our customers to successfully operate, day after day, the airplanes we build, is also our requirement. I hope to help move us together to adopt a joint view of operational success--one of "shared ownership" of both shortcomings and accomplishments between us and our operators.

In my brief time on the job, I have already heard from many of my former industry associates wishing me well and offering suggestions on areas for mutual collaboration. I look forward to the challenges that come with my new leadership role, and to a time where we measure our success together.

Also, I would like to correct a mistake that appeared in Aero No. 1 in our article on the future of customer support. It reported that our Long Beach training facility had completed its integration into the new FlightSafety Boeing Training International network. In fact, that transition has not yet occurred, and it remains under discussion. We regret the error.

Brad Cvetovich
Vice President &
General Manager
Customer Services
Boeing Commercial
Airplane Group

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