AERO Magazine Issue 03 -July 1998

Continental Airlines
Now the fifth-largest carrier in the United States, Continental Airlines began making history 64 years ago carrying mail and a few passengers.

Upset Recovery
Better understanding the fundamental principles of aerodynamics can help flight crews recover from the unlikely event of an airplane upset.

Human Factors Process for Reducing Maintenance Errors
Introduced two years ago for the heritage Boeing fleet, this tool for investigating contributing factors to maintenance errors is now available to operators of Douglas-designed airplanes.

Introducing the 767-400ER
This new, electronically based system includes a continuous search-and-alert capability for faults, plus several built-in maintenance tools.

717 Flight Deck
Airline pilots and maintenance personnel helped design the 717 advanced flight deck, modeled after the MD-11 and 777 airplanes and built for improved dispatch reliability.

Year 2000 Rollover
Upgrade programs are ready for Boeing airplanes with airborne systems affected by the Year 2000 date change.

In-Flight Spoiler Lockout
Both the MD-80 and MD-90 offer an in-flight spoiler lockout mechanism to prevent manual movement of the speed brake lever in flight while flaps are extended.


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