AERO Magazine Issue 04 - October 1998

Britannia Airways: Holiday Carrier to the World
The first airline to operate the Boeing 737-200 and 767 in Europe, Britannia is now the largest holiday airline in the world.

ETOPS: Expansion in the North Pacific Market
Changes in air travel may allow successful ETOPS operations across the North Atlantic to be repeated in the North Pacific market.

DCAC Configurator: New-Airplane Configuration Definition Software
This software tool is designed to help operators speed the configuration process for their new Boeing airplanes.
The 737 Virtual Flight Deck
The newest family of 737s offers a common display system that lets flight crews choose between two flight-deck formats.
Seamless Field Service Support
Representatives from multiple manufacturers and suppliers are on the same team to quickly resolve in-service problems.

Hazards of Airplane Fuel-Tank Entry
Safe inspection and repair of fuel tanks begins with awareness of related hazards and necessary precautions.
Airplane Return To Service After Extended Downtime
All ground and flight-crew personnel are responsible for ensuring the airworthiness of each airplane returning to service.

Tail Strike Avoidance
After examining numerous tail strike events, Douglas Products Division identified eight risk factors with significant roles in these events.
Turbulence Education and Training Aid
An industry effort to help flight crews avoid clear-air and mountain-wave turbulence includes a new training aid.


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