AERO Magazine Issue 05 - January 1999

Alitalia Airlines
At first restricted by a post-war peace treaty, Alitalia now flies more than 24 million passengers a year.

Painting Versus Polishing
Short- and long-term business requirements are some considerations in the decision to paint or polish an airplane.

Nuisance Moisture
Boeing has developed recommendations for minimizing the effects of moisture in commercial airplanes.
Multi-Engine Maintenance
Preventing the same maintenance error on multiple engines may help avoid such problems as in-flight shutdown.
Wheel Servicing
A regulated supply of nitrogen or air is essential for safety when inflating a wheel/tire assembly.
MD-90 Auxiliary Control System
Flight and maintenance crews can use this system to reduce the number and length of MD-90 dispatch delays.

Digital Data Products And Services
A family of on-line data sources offers quick access to maintenance and operations information.
Onboard Loadable Software
Onboard loadable software permits operators to change system functionality while reducing both inventory and modification time.
717 Power Plant
The BR715 engine was designed to meet the rigors of high-cycle operation on the Boeing 717.


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