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Boeing operates the industry's largest Field Service organization, with more than 300 representatives stationed at 161 bases in 63 countries around the world, supporting more than 10,500 Boeing and Douglas airplanes in service to some 800 operators. Field Service provides Boeing customers with timely, on-site technical advice and can call upon any Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group technical resource to resolve operator problems.

Airline Logistics Support
For spares orders/quotes, contact via:

TOAMD7X (Long Beach)
For questions on unapproved spare parts, contact the Boeing Unapproved Parts Hotline at (888) 223-7278 (USA & Canada).
LAXMDCR (Long Beach)
TELEX 329606 (Seattle)
674357 (Long Beach)
Phone (206) 662-7141 (Information)
(206) 662-7200 (Spares AOG)
(562) 593-4226 (Douglas AOG)
Fax (206) 662-7145

24-Hour Airline Support
If your Boeing Field Service representative cannot be reached, support is available at the following numbers 24 hours a day:

Rapid Response Center
Boeing-designed airplanes:
Phone (206) 544-7555
Fax (206) 544-9084

Technical Support Desk
Douglas-designed airplanes:
Phone (562) 497-5801
Fax (206) 544-0641

Airline Customer Training
For course offerings and schedules, contact:

FlightSafety Boeing Training International
P.O. Box 34787, MC 20-74
Seattle, Washington 98124-1787 USA
Phone (206) 662-8220
Fax (206) 662-7851

FlightSafety Boeing Training International
3855 Lakewood Blvd., MC D210-0091
Long Beach, California 90846-0001 USA
Phone (714) 229-7510
Fax (714) 229-7588

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