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Just one short year ago, The Boeing Company dramatically expanded its offerings of after-market products and services. Today, Boeing Airplane Services, the organization that launched the expansion, provides a range of total service solutions tailored to meet airlines’ individual requirements. Engineering support, logistics, airplane leasing, freighter conversions, and maintenance services are just samples of what we provide. Backed by the expertise, data, and resources that built the 11,000 Boeing commercial airplanes in service today, we’re well positioned to be the industry’s leading provider of global air transport solutions.

Perhaps the best example of how our customers can benefit from a total service solution is the program we launched with DHL Worldwide Express in October 1999. Under this groundbreaking deal, Boeing will acquire, lease, convert, and maintain 44 757 Special Freighters for DHL. In essence, Boeing Airplane Services will work with the carrier to establish a "virtual airline," allowing it to focus on what it does best: move freight quickly and efficiently.

Our other efforts to provide customers with individual solutions include the launch of an innovative new service, the Global Airline Inventory Network. Under this agreement, Boeing will manage British Airways’ supply chain for expendable airframe spare parts used in its fleet of Boeing airplanes.

In addition, Boeing Airplane Services formed strategic alliances with a number of companies, including Singapore Technologies Aerospace, Israel Aircraft Industries, and Swissair’s SR Technics. Our goal is to provide our customers with access to the world’s premier engineering and maintenance facilities, combined with the people and data that distinguish Boeing products and service.

The past year also showed us that we have some growing pains to work through. Our customers are still learning about what we offer and who we are. And we continue to face the challenge of improving our turnaround time for quotes and project proposals. Although this may be expected when starting a new business, we are absolutely committed to doing a better job in these areas.

Our number-one goal this year is to follow through on the commitments we made in 1999. That means delivering on schedule and on budget while providing the highest degree of quality and customer satisfaction. We’re also committed to improving our listening skills so we can provide you with even better service.

In the coming months, you’ll see us grow even further in areas such as avionics upgrades, freighter conversions, and more expansive global partnerships.

I’m proud to say that the Boeing Airplane Services team is quick, smart, and eager to do an outstanding job for our customers. We look forward to providing you with total service solutions for your fleet in 2000 and beyond.

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