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Both quick access recorder (QAR) and digital flight data recorder (FDR) data are resources to analyze hard landings and improve operations. QAR data can be somewhat easier to access and may have different information than the digital FDR, depending on the data retrieval specified.

Operators often ask Boeing to analyze flight data from the QAR, and in some instances, Boeing will request QAR data from airlines after receiving reports of airplane damage during landing.

There are three ways for operators to send QAR data to Boeing:

  • An optical disk or memory card may be sent by express mail to the Boeing Customer Services Center:

    Attn: Brian K. Predmore
    Bldg 11-14S, MC 2L-88
    2925 S 112th St
    Seattle, WA 98168 USA
    Telephone: 206-544-8127

  • Smaller QAR data files (fewer than 5 MB) may be sent by e-mail to brian.k.predmore@boeing.com.

  • QAR data files may be attached to a BOECOM message. (BOECOM is a Boeing internal communications system between Boeing Field Service representatives and Boeing Customer Service Engineering in Seattle, Wash., and Long Beach, Calif.)

Please see BOECOM message “FLT DATA REQUEST for details on acceptable file formats.

All replies to both operators and Boeing Field Service representatives are made through the BOECOM system.

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