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Persepective - Raymond MarzulloJuly marks the
first anniversary of
the Boeing FLEET TEAM™ Digest, a web-based information resource that provides current status on significant technical and maintenance issues for all Boeing- and Douglas-designed commercial airplanes.

Available through MyBoeingFleet.com, the FLEET TEAM Digest contains information similar to that previously provided in the in-service activity report, fleet issues summary report (FISR), technical focus report (TFR), and in-service occurrence (ISO) report. The big advantage of the digest, aside from consolidating publications, is that it provides up-to-date information to our airline partners very quickly. Information that took weeks to write, publish, and distribute in paper documents or on disk now can be available in hours — and to a much wider range of airline personnel than those who received paper or disk copies.

When Boeing launched FLEET TEAM Digest a year ago, the site contained 134 articles. It now has more than 1,200 articles available for research and viewing. Approximately 12 new articles or revisions are added each business day.

To further enhance the capabilities of the digest, we introduced a new home page last March. The page provides a quick list of recently published articles and a much faster search engine to find other articles.











In addition, later this year, the FLEET TEAM Digest will be included in a search engine found on the Maintenance Documents site of MyBoeingFleet. The digest also will be included in the Maintenance Documents' automated e-mail notification process, which notifies airlines when new information is published.

The FLEET TEAM Digest is one of the five most frequently visited sites on MyBoeingFleet. We appreciate all the usage the site receives and are proud of the site’s high quality and varied content. If you do not already have a MyBoeingFleet account, you can obtain access to the digest by contacting MyBoeingFleet at DDCS@boeing.com. We welcome your comments or suggestions for improvement. Use the Contact Us selection on the site, or send an e-mail to FTC@pss.boeing.com.

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