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Persepective - Raymond MarzulloLast October, Boeing formed a Security and Safety Services organization to underscore our focus on enhancing the safety and efficiency of the air transportation system. Given recent events, there is no more urgent priority at Boeing, and I am very pleased to lead the team working to enhance the safety, security, and efficiency of airplanes and the larger air transport system.

Our immediate focus has been on helping customers implement the recommendations of the U.S. Department of Transportation Rapid Response Team on Aircraft Security (commonly known as the Mineta task force). We have been working around the clock with industry experts to meet recommendations to prevent cockpit intrusion and to design video-monitoring equipment that allows flight crews to keep watch on the passenger cabin. We also are examining ways for positive tracking of airplanes even after transponders have been switched off. Many of the solutions will be applicable to the entire fleet, not just those jets made by Boeing.

But these activities are just the start. True security can be accomplished only by addressing all aspects of air travel. After we address the Mineta team recommendations, we will look at the safety and security of the entire airplane and the transport system itself. We will be working toward a wider range of improvements that will create a more secure and efficient air transport system for the 21st century. In partnership with airlines and industry, we will look beyond immediate fixes for ways to enhance the security of the entire flight process — for passengers, cabin crews, flight crews, ground personnel, airports, and airline operations.

The formation of this new Security and Safety Services organization allows us to employ the vast store of Boeing intellectual capital to create new ways to enhance safety throughout all aspects of the aviation and transportation industries. Recent events prove there is a place for new technology and quick action that lead to a more secure air transport system. The experts in this industry are working hard to bring that technology to bear. We will sharpen that effort, which will give passengers the confidence they expect when flying.

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