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Persepective - Mike BairOur goal at Boeing Commercial Airplanes is to assist you, our valued airline customer, in building, sustaining, and improving a safe, secure, and efficient transportation system. To that end, we have made several changes at Commercial Aviation Services based on what many of you told us during recent visits.

First, we have created four vice-president-level positions in the area of customer support. These leaders will serve foremost to build and sustain our priceless relationships with you. Their most important roles are to understand what you need and then to facilitate your success. These new vice presidents are

  • Bruce Dennis, Asia-Pacific.
  • Dan da Silva, Europe.
  • Tom Basacchi, the Americas.
  • Marty Bentrott, Middle East, Africa,
    Russia, and South Asia-Pacific.

The vice presidents will work closely with you and with the new groups that now compose Boeing Commercial Aviation Services. We have set up these groups to support you in the areas of flight operations, maintenance operations, spares, training, and technical services and modifications. These groups are the outcome of consolidating Boeing services that are similar or complementary to package them together for you. For example, Maintenance Services includes maintenance information, engineering, and planning; airplane-on-ground support; recovery and modification; component maintenance; and subsidiaries Continental Graphics Corp. and Aero Info Systems, Inc. Technical Services and Modifications involves service engineering, interiors and in-flight entertainment, avionics, and passenger-to-freighter modifications. Flight Services encompasses crew information services, flight operations engineering, airport support, disruption management, airframe systems and performance, and the subsidiaries Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc., and SBS International.

These changes in Boeing Commercial Aviation Services reflect our commitment to you. We believe that simplifying our support structure will make it possible for us to be even more helpful. And that’s what defines success for us—helping you be successful. Please let us know whether or not we are succeeding!

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