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Persepective - Rich HigginsThis month marks Boeing’s official entrée into the enterprise resource planning (ERP) market as we begin the installation of our Enterprise One maintenance management software system at launch customer Royal Brunei Airlines. The installation also exemplifies our continued commitment to your success.

Enterprise One is an ERP tool specifically tailored to the air transport industry. It's a set of integrated software modules that can help you optimize major support functions such as maintenance planning and scheduling, engineering operations, logistics management, document management, and configuration control. Enterprise One allows you to improve fleet utilization, decrease maintenance costs, and manage inventory better.

The beauty of Enterprise One is that the modules are designed to integrate seamlessly, forming a comprehensive, digitally based management system. At the same time, the modular design makes it easy for you to select just the portions you need to meet your specific requirements.

For example, Royal Brunei has opted to install four portions of Enterprise One:

  • Maintenance modules to streamline regulatory compliance reporting and tailor maintenance programs for each airplane in the Royal Brunei fleet.
  • Engineering modules to track airworthiness directives and service bulletins more efficiently.
  • Logistics modules to support heavy volumes of spare parts procurement and inventory transactions.
  • The Portable Maintenance Aid,™ a document management product to help mechanics troubleshoot airplane maintenance.

The modularity of Enterprise One gives you the ability to use the software system in the best way for your particular operation. You also have the flexibility to expand your information technology capabilities in the future.

For more information, e-mail We are committed to your success.

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