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Perspective - Mike CaveIn January 2003, Mike Cave was named senior vice president of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services. Cave previously served as senior vice president and chief financial officer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. He replaced Mike Bair, who now leads the Boeing 7E7 program.

We at Boeing Commercial Aviation Services have one goal: to ensure your success by providing top-quality, high-value services. This pledge requires all of us at Boeing to commit first and foremost to meeting your needs, putting your success first, and remembering that only when the air transport industry is successful can we all be successful.

Providing world-class fleet support is imperative for us. We will continue to pull together the right people, technology, and tools to create and implement innovative ways to support you. Examples of how we’ve partnered to reduce airline operating costs include the ever increasing use of and user-friendly, more efficient service bulletins as well as the replacement of our existing customer communications tool, BOECOM.

In addition, we are implementing a phased approach to growing our revenue business. Our initial emphasis is to ensure that our core businesses — Maintenance Services, Technical Services and Modifications, Flight Services, and Spares — are healthy, lean, and efficient.

During the next two phases, we will leverage our strengths, build partnerships, and help reshape airline economics by delivering tailored solutions for crew productivity, fleet performance, and maintenance efficiencies. We will create comprehensive services and
solutions to leverage scale, standardization, and customer and supplier partnerships. Solutions such as e-enabled airline operations will deliver significant benefits to you, our customers, while positioning Boeing Commercial Aviation Services as a large-scale service provider.

The business environment is challenging for all of us in the aviation industry. But I am excited about our long-term strategy and our commitment to your success.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Aero!

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