AERO - Aligning Our Business to Better Meet Your Needs
AERO - Aligning Our Business to Better Meet Your Needs

To ensure that we have the best Boeing Commercial Aviation Services organization to serve you — our valued customers — we have improved our organizational structure to better align with the way you operate.

We have reorganized into four business units:

Material Services — This business aligns with your purchasing organization. It includes spare parts and services such as Component Services and Landing Gear Exchange programs. It also includes subsidiary Aviall, which distributes original-equipment-manufacturer parts and supply-chain management services. Vice President Dale Wilkinson leads this group.

Fleet Services — This business unit works with your engineering and maintenance departments. It includes freighter conversions, airplane modifications, airplane-on-ground response teams, and aviation information solutions, such as Airplane Health Management and Maintenance Performance Toolbox. Also part of this business are Fleet Management/GoldCare; joint ventures Boeing Shanghai, Aviation Partners Boeing, and TAECO; and Technical Customer Support, which provides maintenance, service, and out-of-production engineering and field service support. Vice President Dennis Floyd leads Fleet Services.

Flight Services — This business aligns with your flight operations group. It includes flight, maintenance, and cabin safety training; flight operations support; and simulator services. It also includes subsidiary Jeppesen, which provides navigation and operations services for all segments of aviation. In addition, our Aviation Infrastructure group is an integral part of this business. Vice President Sherry Carbary leads Flight Services.

Information Services — This newly created business unit works with your information technology organization. It includes the MyBoeingFleet Web portal, our e-Business organization, and our subsidiaries Inventory Locator Services, Continental DataGraphics, and AeroInfo Systems. Our objective in forming this business unit is to bring system technology and online access to Boeing information, products, and services. Vice President Per Norén leads this new group.

We are very excited about taking these important steps to bring you stronger support and services. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for operating Boeing airplanes.

Senior Vice President,
Boeing Commercial Aviation Services

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