Answering Your Service Requests Quickly and Thoroughly
Answering Your Service Requests Quickly and Thoroughly

One of the most important services that we provide you, our valued customers, is answering technical questions about your in-service fleet. We know that when you submit a service request to us, you want a reply that is timely and complete.

That’s why we developed the online Service Requests Application available on the Web portal. This electronic form lets you fill in all the relevant information for your service request and puts that request into an electronic repository for faster, more complete, and traceable action by Boeing.

With the Service Requests Application, you don’t need to send multiple faxes and e-mails to Boeing individuals and groups. You have one place for all information and correspondence regarding your service request.

Find out more about this new tool in this issue of AERO. It will mean less waiting, better tracking, and more streamlined communication with the Boeing team.

Thank you.

Senior Vice President,
Boeing Commercial Aviation Services

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