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New Service Requests Application
AERO - New Service Requests Application

To improve support to customers, Boeing is providing a single standard input method for submitting requests for in-service support. This new application, hosted on the Web portal, replaces other methods of submitting service requests, such as e-mail, fax, and Technical In-Service Requests (i.e., TISRs).

By Sevket Numanoglu, Program Manager

The Service Requests Application provides customers with better tracking and streamlined communication with Boeing technical experts.

Boeing has a long history of providing its customers with technical support to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Boeing in-service fleet. Continuing with that commitment, Boeing is enhancing its method of processing requests for in-service technical support.

This article describes the new Service Requests Application and how it provides Boeing customers with more responsive service.

Improving the service request process

Historically, Boeing has accepted service requests through a variety of means, including corporate or personal e-mail and fax. In 2009, to ensure prompt processing and completion of requests for airplane technical support, Boeing began transitioning all requests for technical services to the Service Requests Application hosted on the Web portal (see fig. 1).

Figure 1: The new Service Requests Application on MyBoeingFleet
The new Service Requests Application enables Boeing to provide faster, more accurate responses to requests for service, making it the preferred way to submit a service request directly to Boeing.

Figure 1

The application is an electronic form that enables customers to fill in all the relevant information for a service request and send it to an electronic repository for faster, more complete submission, and enables traceable action by Boeing (see fig. 2). It replaces the need to send multiple faxes and e-mails to Boeing individuals and groups or to use TISRs.

Figure 2: Online form streamlines service requests
The Service Requests Application provides an electronic form that enables customers to fill in relevant information for service requests. Files can be attached and sent with the request for service.

Figure 2

Exceptions to this process include certain maintenance forms and catalog orders. The Customer Originated Change, Service Bulletin Incorporation, or Publication Change Request forms will remain available from the Maintenance Documents link on MyBoeingFleet. All Data and Services Catalog orders may continue to be made from the Data and Services Catalog link on the MyBoeingFleet home page.

The Service Requests Application provides the ability to input all the information required to create a complete service request and route it to the appropriate expert. This results in a faster and more thorough response to customer requests, making this the preferred method to request in-service support. In addition, the application provides customers with the ability to monitor all open requests and review historical requests. The improved data quality resulting from using the application can help Boeing engineers spot trends more easily and be more proactive in dealing with issues.

There is no additional charge for the Service Requests Application if an operator is already using Support is available to help customers activate the application by contacting Boeing Digital Data Customer Support at

Benefits to customers

The Service Requests Application allows customers to have accurate and real-time status of service requests. As a result, customers should experience better tracking and streamlined communication with Boeing technical experts. Other benefits for customers include:


The new Boeing Service Requests Application, available on MyBoeingFleet, is designed to improve support to operators. Further details on accessing the Service Requests Application are available at

For more information, please contact Boeing’s Digital Data Customer Support.

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