787 Service Ready
787 Service Ready

When the first 787 Dreamliners are delivered to customers, they will come with a full set of support services designed to help operators make a smooth transition to this new airplane.

Our goal is to ensure that the support and the airline are ready when the airplane is ready. This includes:

For operators that are looking for even greater assistance in introducing the Dreamliner, GoldCare — our new lifecycle solution to support the 787 — provides maintenance, engineering, and material management as a multiyear service managed by Boeing. You’ll find details about GoldCare in this issue of AERO.

At Boeing, we’ve been working hard with our OEM suppliers and partners to make sure that airlines taking delivery of the new 787 have everything they need for a smooth introduction of the Dreamliner. We have a great team of people who will be ready to support the airplanes when they enter service. The airplane, the airline, and the support will all be ready on the first day of service.

Director of 787 Services and Support,
Boeing Commercial Aviation Services

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