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Optimizing Airplane Maintenance Programs
Optimizing Airplane Maintenance Programs

Developing maintenance programs that fit operators’ needs is an important area of customer support for Boeing. We know that maintenance programs are an integral part of an airline’s successful operation. They ensure safe, reliable, and cost-effective airplane performance.

Maintenance programs are not meant to remain unchanged. As our expertise with an airplane model’s performance increases, that experience can be used to further optimize the airplane’s maintenance program.

In recent years, we have made significant progress in improving maintenance programs on Boeing airplanes as operators, original equipment manufacturers, and regulators work together at an industry level. We’ve created value by reducing maintenance cost, minimizing airplane downtime, and maximizing availability to generate revenue.

To further improve maintenance programs, Boeing has implemented a new statistical analysis process that you can read more about in this issue of AERO. Statistically analyzing airplane performance data allows us to optimize maintenance programs more efficiently.

The enabler for this statistical analysis is operators’ performance data provided in a standard industry format, called SPEC2000. We encourage you to support this new process by sharing your performance data in this format. It will allow us to provide better and faster optimization of maintenance programs for your Boeing fleet.