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Commitment to Safety
Commitment to Safety

At Boeing, our commitment to safety is at the very core of all we do. We have the privilege of working with you, our valued customers, to enhance the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your fleet.

That same working-together spirit is at the heart of aviation’s commitment to safety. Together, manufacturers, airline operators, government regulatory and investigative authorities, airport operators, and others — in short, our entire industry — work to maximize safety by sharing data, aligning resources, and addressing risks together.

In this issue, we offer a prime example: the evolution of airplane interiors.

When you configure your airplane interiors, you make a series of choices to balance your marketing and operational needs along with passenger preferences. It is an opportunity for you to brand your product and services.

Part of feeling comfortable in an airplane interior is feeling safe. Today’s airplane interiors reflect decades of innovation and effort toward safer, more survivable interiors.

Thank you for your commitment to safety and for your business with Boeing.

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