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Revolutionizing Flight Revolutionizing Flight

The 787 Dreamliner begins its six-month world tour in Beijing on December 5, 2011.

Last quarter marked a new era in aviation as Boeing delivered its first 787 and 747-8 airplanes to launch customers ANA and Cargolux. These great airplanes promise to give airlines and the traveling public a new and better experience in air travel.

Made from composite materials, the 787 Dreamliner is the first mid-sized airplane capable of flying long-range routes, which allows airlines to open new, nonstop routes. The 747-8 provides double-digit improvements in fuel economy and carbon emissions and generates a 30 percent smaller noise footprint than the 747-400.

Now — as airlines introduce these new airplanes into their fleets — Boeing technical experts are on hand to ensure that customers have everything they need for a smooth transition. We are ready to support these airplanes with the world-class customer service that you have come to expect from Boeing. It is part of our promise to provide products that revolutionize flight and take your operations to the next level.

You can read more about these exciting new airplanes in this issue of AERO. Featured are articles on the 787 flight deck and the environmental control system new to the 747-8.

We look forward to taking you and your customers into this new era of aviation. Thank you for operating Boeing airplanes.

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