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Introducing the Boeing Edge
Introducing the Boeing Edge

For more than 80 years, Boeing has been committed to giving our customers a competitive advantage by providing lifecycle business solutions, materials, engineering services, and global customer support. Now we have a new way of demonstrating that commitment: the people, products, services, and support that give you the “Boeing Edge.”

The Boeing Edge provides you with the industry’s largest portfolio of services, support, and solutions, all organized around your business. It provides you with the Material Services, Fleet Services, Flight Services, and Information Services that you need — directly from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

The goal of the Boeing Edge is simple: to give you the advantages you need to be successful.

To that end, the Boeing Edge is built on five pillars:

We can bring the people, expertise, and portfolio of products and services you need to create powerful solutions that span your entire enterprise. We look forward to continuing to serve you with products and services that give you all of the advantages of the Boeing Edge. Find out more at

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