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Enhancing Suppliers’ In-Service Support to Airlines
Enhancing Suppliers’ In-Service Support to Airlines

Providing our valued airline customers with the best fleet support possible is the cornerstone of how we do business at Boeing. That includes working closely with our suppliers to ensure that their in-service performance meets our customers’ expectations.

One of our most important efforts in this area involves surveying our airline customers on the in-service support provided by airplane suppliers and working on issues that are negatively affecting the performance of the Boeing in-service fleet.

These customer assessments provide us with industrywide information on supplier performance, enabling us to better manage key supplier issues and concerns. Thanks to airlines’ participation in these surveys, we are able to provide suppliers with specific, actionable information to improve their performance and airline customer satisfaction.

We recently completed our assessment of 777 suppliers. Airline customers were asked to rate supplier performance in a number of categories, such as repair turn time, spare parts support, and component reliability. The resulting ranking of 777 suppliers is now available on the Web portal in the “Supplier Customer Support” section.

We are meeting with each 777 supplier listed and creating action plans for improvement. These action plans are being tied to existing supplier performance improvement plans. Later this year, Boeing will host a forum at which suppliers will present their plans for improvement to airline customers.

Our next scheduled assessment will be on the Next-Generation 737, which we will begin in the third quarter of this year.

Our goal in introducing these customer-generated supplier assessments is to focus our suppliers on product improvements that enhance and add value to your operations. Thank you for your participation.

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