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AERO - E-Enabled Capabilities of the 787 Dreamliner
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Airlines benefit from the e-Enabling features of the 787 in a number of ways:


The e-Enabling equipment on the 787 will be highly integrated with the onboard maintenance, data-load, and crew information systems, offering airlines opportunities to reduce maintenance costs. Airlines have the option to include a wireless network for maintenance access, enabling airline back-office teams to remotely deploy software, parts, data, charts, and manuals to airplanes with minimal hands-on mechanic involvement.

Airline engineers and maintenance planners will be able to directly receive large data files from every airplane in the fleet without having to send the mechanic out to download or retrieve discs.

Also, maintenance laptops will save airlines time and give them access to quality information faster than in today’s environment. Mechanics will use these portable computers to access onboard mainte­nance data, initiate tests, and review maintenance documents.


Because the 787 is e-Enabled, Boeing is focused on providing training via the Web portal MyBoeingFleet.com at the point of use. Boeing is targeting a Web-managed, distance-learning capability that brings training to the trainee in a paperless training environment.

Enhanced technical data for flight training will include linkable features in the flight crew operating manual and flight crew training manual. The ground systems also provide mechanics access to near real-time mainte­nance information via MyBoeingFleet.com, or cached locally on a maintenance laptop.


Airlines interested in implementing full utilization of the e-Enabled capabilities should start the integration into their ground operations centers about six to nine months before entering service with new 787 airplanes. Boeing will send a deployment team to the airline’s location to install, test, and verify the e-Enabled environment; provide assistance in connecting to a wired or wireless system; demonstrate ground-based systems; test wireless connections; and review network security.


The e-Enabled tools on board the 787 will provide flight crews, cabin crews, and ground personnel with quicker access to quality information. In order to prepare for the new 787 e-Enabled airborne systems, airlines will set up equivalent e-Enabled systems on the ground with Boeing assistance. The resulting e-Enabled airline will be more capable of more efficient operations and enhanced revenue.

For more information, please contact Kevin Gosling at kevin.l.gosling@boeing.com.

downloadDownload This Article (PDF - 68 KB)