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AERO - The Future Takes FlightAERO - The Future Takes Flight

By Lou Mancini, Senior Vice President, Boeing Commercial Aviation Services

On Dec. 15, 2009, the eyes of the world watched as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner took flight for the first time in Everett, Washington. It was an historic moment as this industry game-changer took to the skies.

The 787 is truly a 21st-century airplane — from its advanced technologies to the way it creates a new, redefined passenger experience. The spaciousness of the cabin, larger windows, cleaner air, and smoother ride will create a more comfortable and relaxing flight. The extensive use of composites, advanced systems and aerodynamics, and breakthroughs in engine technology give the airplane significant advantages in efficiency and performance. The 787 will transform the economics of flight — including a 30 percent reduction in maintenance — and it will help contribute to a cleaner environment.

But there still is much work to be done before the 787 enters service. We are tackling a rigorous flight-test program, ramping up our production rates, and implementing an entry-into-service plan that lets customers take full advantage of the 787 at the time of airplane delivery. We are working closely with customers, partner suppliers, and regulators to ensure service readiness on all fronts.

Once the airplane is in service, our 787 support and services package will help airlines continue to increase their operational efficiencies. It will leverage technology to ensure information is easy to find, use, and integrate with operators’ document management systems.

The 787 is the first airplane for the new century, and it represents the way airplanes will be made for the next 75 to 80 years. Its success will ultimately be judged by our customers during the decades to come. Boeing will be there offering the support and services to make this 21st-century airplane a true game-changer for you.

On a personal level, I will never forget standing in Everett, watching this beautiful airplane take off for the first time.

Senior Vice President,
Boeing Commercial Aviation Services

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