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AERO magazine is published quarterly by Boeing Commercial Airplanes and is distributed at no cost to operators of Boeing commercial airplanes. AERO provides operators with supplemental technical information to promote continuous safety and efficiency in their daily fleet operations.

The Boeing Company supports operators during the life of each Boeing commercial airplane. Support includes stationing Field Service representatives in more than 60 countries, furnishing spare parts and engineering support, training flight crews and maintenance personnel, and providing operations and maintenance publications.

Boeing continually communicates with operators through such vehicles as technical meetings, service letters, and service bulletins. This assists operators in addressing regulatory requirements and Air Transport Association specifications.

Information published in AERO magazine is intended to be accurate and authoritative. However, no material should be considered regulatory-approved unless specifically stated. Airline personnel are advised that their company's policy may differ from or conflict with information in this publication. Customer airlines may republish articles from AERO without permission if for distribution only within their own organizations. They thereby assume responsibility for the current accuracy of the republished material. All others must obtain written permission from Boeing before reprinting any AERO article.

Print copies of AERO are not available by subscription.

Please send address changes to me.boeing@boeing.com. Please address all other communications to AERO Magazine, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, P.O. Box 3707, MC 21-72, Seattle, Washington, 98124-2207, USA.

E-mail: WebMaster.BCA@boeing.com