Working Together to Ensure Safe and Efficient Airplane Operations
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Stay up-to-date on in-service issues

This FLEET TEAM resource delivers the latest status and information regarding in-service issues and upcoming fleet improvements to your desktop. Currently, more than 5,600 articles are posted on significant issues, in-service events, and the status of major projects. Every economic and safety-related issue under investigation has an article posted on FLEET TEAM Digest, with almost 100 new or updated articles posted each week.

An advanced search tool allows you to easily find the article you are seeking. Want to receive an e-mail when a particular article is updated? That's easy with the MyBoeingFleet.com notification system. The FLEET TEAM Digest has replaced previous paper editions of Boeing publications, including the Fleet Issue Summary Reports, In-Service Activity Reports, Technical Focus Reports, In-Service Occurrence Reports, and Configuration Change Support Documents.

Be ahead of mandatory engineering changes

This electronic bulletin board keeps you involved in the development of compliance recommendations for safety-related issues and the investigation of potential safety issues. When a safety-related issue is identified, posts the latest details on the FLEET TEAM Emerging Issues Bulletin Board along with a reference to the associated FLEET TEAM Digest article. You will find two types of postings on the FLEET TEAM Emerging Issues Bulletin Board: "Standard" items are posted to provide only fleet awareness of an issue; "Attention" items are posted when operator action is requested to provide fleet information, findings, or feedback.

These postings supplement the Air Transport Association's Lead Airline Process, in which association-member airlines help Boeing raise awareness of safety or potential safety issues. Through the FLEET TEAM Emerging Issues Bulletin Board, Boeing works together with the entire fleet to develop appropriate mitigating and final actions, coordinate spares, and provide an industry-harmonized compliance recommendation to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

Set priorities and share best practices

This process allows the operators and Boeing to work together on economic fleet issues and help set the priorities for fleet improvements. An electronic bulletin board facilitates this collaboration.

Issues typically start out in the "Discussion" section, in which an operator may ask whether others have experienced a particular issue or could answer a question. If the issue has been experienced by other operators and merits consideration to be addressed as a fleet issue, it is moved to the "Candidate" section. As a candidate item, the fleet operators discuss the effect of the issue on the fleet, what a potential solution might look like, and when it should be addressed. If the fleet operators decide the issue should be addressed, it is moved to the "Accepted" section.

When an item is accepted, the fleet operators and Boeing agree on the closure criteria, fleet cost, and implementation schedule. Status of these items is provided through FLEET TEAM Digest articles. Discussion and feedback are provided to Boeing through FLEET TEAM Calls and Meetings.

Nearly 5,000 users work together with Boeing through the FLEET TEAM Emerging Issues and the FLEET TEAM Resolution Process.

Check progress and measure success

Working together via electronic collaboration is useful, but to check progress and measure success, it is important to meet regularly. FLEET TEAM Calls and Meetings are held for each Boeing model. The meetings are co-chaired by the airplane model's Boeing fleet support chief and a representative from the fleet operators. At these meetings, Boeing gathers consensus on the status of current safety and economic issues. Participants often represent 75 to 80 percent of the fleet for a particular model. Schedules for the FLEET TEAM Calls and Meetings vary by model. A complete list of events is included in the calendar section of the FLEET TEAM Resolution Process bulletin board.

It is the participation of our airline customers that has made FLEET TEAM the success it is today. Together, we will continue to improve these tools, using industrywide input and the latest in technology. Our goal is to ensure safe and efficient airplane operations. Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Peter Weertman
Vice President,
Technical Customer Support
Boeing Commercial Aviation Services