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The recommendations in this article are provided in addition to the standard AMM statements to use only approved "wheel bearing" greases and not apply excessive amounts of grease during main gear wheel and brake installations. This information can be found in AMM chapters 12 and 32. The specific wheel and brake component cleaning maintenance practices can be found in the applicable supplier CMM.

Boeing also updated a Maintenance Tip in July 2006 titled "Main Landing Gear Wheel/Brake-Area Fires" that addresses this issue (707 MT 32-002 R1, 727 MT 32-002 R1, 737 MT 32-010 R1, 747 MT 32-045 R1, 747-400 MT 32-022 R1, 757 MT 32-016 R1, 767 MT 32-026 R1, 777 MT 32-021 R1).


Boeing has developed a training aid to help maintenance personnel visualize and understand proper wheel and axle greasing and cleaning techniques. This aid is a 12-minute digital video disc (DVD) titled "Main Landing Gear Wheel/Brake Area Fire Prevention: Maintenance Tips." Boeing recommends showing this DVD to engineering and maintenance personnel associated with landing gear duties during crew meetings. This DVD (VPS48559) is available from Boeing Data and Services Management at csd.boecom@boeing.com.


Wheel/brake-area fires, while usually not serious themselves, can result in minor airplane damage, possible injuries to crew members and passengers when evacuating an airplane, and flight delays. Most wheel/brake-area fires, however, can be avoided simply by following proper maintenance procedures for cleaning and greasing components. For more information, please contact Brian Webber at brian.k.webber@boeing.com.

Download This Article (PDF - 272 KB)