Operators are reducing flight delays, cancellations, air turnbacks, and diversions through an information tool called Airplane Health Management (AHM). Designed by Boeing and airline users, AHM collects in-flight airplane information and relays it in real-time to maintenance personnel on the ground via the Web portal MyBoeingFleet.com. When an airplane arrives at the gate, maintenance crews can be ready with the parts and information to quickly make any necessary repairs. AHM also enables operators to identify recurring faults and trends, allowing airlines to proactively plan future maintenance.

John B. Maggiore,
Manager, Airplane Health Management,
Aviation Information Services

AHM is a key part of an aviation system in which data, information, and knowledge can be shared instantly across an air transport enterprise. AHM integrates remote collection, monitoring, and analysis of airplane data to determine the status of an airplane’s current and future serviceability. By automating and enhancing the real-time and long-term monitoring of airplane data, AHM enables proactive management of maintenance. AHM is intended to provide economic benefit to the airline operator by applying intelligent analysis of airplane data currently generated by existing airplane systems.

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Maintenance personnel can get a significant head start in their decision making through the proactive use of airplane data.