AERO - Moving Forward: Jeppesen Expands Products and Markets
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At Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen, we are transforming our support to customers with a broad array of technology-driven solutions that go beyond the paper navigational charts for which we are so well known.

Mark Van Tine
President and Chief Executive Officer, Jeppesen


In addition to our universally recognized mainstays Airway Manual® charts and NavData®, today we offer products to help airlines operate more efficiently. These include flight planning, crew scheduling, and operations management tools; training products and services; and performance optimization solutions that help you extract the very most from the resources available to you.

We also offer products, services, and business practices that help minimize airlines’ impact on the environment. We are leading the transition from paper to electronic charts and the development of optimized flight planning systems, required-navigation-performance procedure design, and ground-based logistics services.

Although our roots are firmly planted in aviation, we also now service new markets, such as marine and rail. Jeppesen customers include some of the largest shipping lines in the world, and some of the foremost passenger and freight rail operators.

To reflect these changes, and our forward-looking view, we are building on our iconic brand by coupling a new symbol with our well-known typeface. The look is that of Jeppesen today — contemporary and innovative — but with the character that has made us unique for nearly 75 years. The symbol itself is abstract, evoking the businesses of our customers and the integration of products, services, and data.

This logo change reinforces our message to look again at Jeppesen to see the many things we offer and can do to help you operate your airline at peak efficiency while minimizing your effect on the environment.

Jeppesen’s logo
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Jeppesen’s logo, seen here in an advertisement, couples a new symbol with a well-known typeface.

Trust is the word that customers most often associate with Jeppesen — trust in the accuracy of our information; trust in the quality of our products and services; and trust in our integrity to stand behind our work. At the same time, customers are never shy about telling us what they want — more integration, greater levels of efficiency, and, above all, more responsiveness. You want a true partner, one who understands you and the challenges you face every day and who is ready and able to solve the most pressing demands of today and tomorrow.

Jeppesen has been and will continue to be that partner. Our hallmark has been tailoring solutions to meet unique customer needs. We integrate information from multiple sources to deliver the right information the way you need it, when you need it most.

We are serious about the changes we have undertaken and serious about helping you fulfill your business objectives. Please feel free to contact us at captain@jeppesen.com.

Mark Van Tine
President and Chief Executive Officer

downloadDownload This Article (PDF - 340 KB)