Netherlands Government BBJ is a winner of the 2020 Design et al Award

Built for the Netherlands head of state, cabinet members and dignitaries, the Boeing Business Jet wins one of the world’s leading design awards.

On September 5, 2020, Boeing Business Jets won the prestigious 2020 Design et al Yacht & Aviation design award competition.

BBJ's entry, which Boeing built for the Dutch government, was placed first among multiple competitors in the Interior Design/VIP Completions category. The interior was designed by ALTEA Design team and completed by the Fokker Techniek group in the Netherlands.

"We are very proud of the government of Netherlands' BBJ, and proud of the entire Boeing team that put together this award-winning airplane," said James Detwiler, president of Boeing Business Jets. "We also want to thank all our employees that supported us by voting for this amazing design."

The airplane was delivered last year and now serves the head of state, prime minister, cabinet members and other Dutch dignitaries in a custom outfitted jet that makes them feel at home while away.

Boeing completed the project "turnkey," meaning that it not only built the airplane, but oversaw the custom interior design and the completion of its interior with customized colors and design features that reflect the Dutch history, culture, and traditions.

Over 70% of government customers around the world and chose a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) for its "head of state" business jet.

"BBJ is preferred because the people of Boeing build the most reliable and capable business jets in the industry," added Detwiler, President of Boeing Business Jets.

For more information about the design and completition, visit Fokker Techniek and Altea.

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