Eagle Knight's historic flight

Aeromexico chose its Eagle Knight emblem for its deep cultural significance--and for the qualities of strength, courage and leadership it evokes. The Eagle Knights were an elite class of Aztec warriors, known for their fearlessness and heroism. For Aeromexico, living up to such a proud emblem means striving every day to be a leading, socially responsible airline.

Aeromexico is clearly succeeding in this quest. The airline recently made history by completing the world's first transcontinental biofuel flight with revenue passengers. The flight was a partnership between Aeromexico, Boeing, and Airports and Auxiliary Services. The 777-200ER carried more than 250 passengers from Mexico City to Madrid using fuel containing a 30 percent mix of biofuels. By taking environmental responsibility to all new heights, Aeromexico is helping to lead the way for biofuel use in aviation.