ANA Celebrate Airline’s 100,000th 787 Dreamliner Flight

Boeing and ANA (All Nippon Airways) celebrated the airline’s 100,000th revenue flight with the 787 Dreamliner during a gate ceremony at Sea-Tac International Airport on January 11, 2016. The milestone marks yet another record for ANA as it becomes the first airline in the world to reach 100,000 787 flights, approximately 20 percent of all 787 flights to date.

“The 787 Dreamliner has played an important role especially in forming the backbone of our international fleet,” said Osamu Shinobe, president and CEO, ANA. “Reaching the 100,000th revenue flight milestone with the 787 Dreamliner is a significant milestone for ANA. As the largest customer of the 787, we look to forward to introducing the entire family of Dreamliners into our fleet as we aim to celebrate another 100,000 flights and beyond.”

ANA was the launch customer of the 787 Dreamliner family and in 2011 became the first airline to introduce the innovative airplane to passengers around the world. Since then, the fuel efficient airplane has enabled ANA to launch new routes all over the world, including North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. With this milestone, ANA has accumulated more than a quarter of all 787 revenue flights worldwide.