Comair Limited takes the cake and its latest Next-Generation 737-800

The South African airline celebrates 737 delivery and two milestone anniversaries

Comair Limited had its cake and flew it, too.

The South African-based company recently celebrated its 70th anniversary as an airline in the country with a 200-pound (90 kg) cake shaped like a Next-Generation 737-800.

"We owe much of our success over the years to the 737," said Erik Venter, Comair Limited CEO. "It's fitting that it should be the centerpiece of our celebration."

Comair also marked 20 years of operating as a British Airways (BA) franchise. Its newest 737NG, which was delivered Dec. 1, is in BA livery.

Comair operates 26 737s. Venter calls it a workhorse and said it’s the best choice for his company.

"We try to get about 11 and one-half hours out of the airplanes each day," said Venter. "The 737 is up to the job and we find that it's tougher than your competitors."

Venter said he is looking forward to the 737 MAX. Comair begins taking delivery of eight MAXs beginning in 2020.