Flying in grand style

In the grand scheme of things, one more Emirates 777 may not seem like a big deal. The Dubai-based airline is already the world’s largest operator of 777s. But when another new Emirates 777 made its grand entrance recently, there was unusual cause for grand celebration. This particular airplane was Boeing’s 1000th 777, a momentous milestone by any measure. Appropriately, the honor of receiving #1000 now belongs to Emirates, an airline that’s used the 777 to hit a grand slam in the marketplace. Number 1000 brings the grand total of 777s in Emirates’ fleet to 102, with 93 more of the airplanes on order.

Emirates believes that passengers should enjoy the journey as much as the destination. The airline’s commitment to excellent customer service is legendary. And with the passenger-preferred 777 so prevalent in its fleet, Emirates’ passengers will obviously continue to feel like they’ve scored the grand prize.